Grid Congestion& Voltage Profile Management in Distributed Generation using UPQC with MOABC Algorithm

  • Authors

    • Mallavolu Malleswararao Research Scholar Anna University Chennai
    • Dr. Geetha Ramadas
  • Distributed Generation, Congestion, UPQC, DG Size and Optimal Locations, MOABC Algorithm.
  • Distributed Generation (DG) is the present-day trend into cutting-edge control rule networks. It is mostly designed because of local electricity utilization where transmission losses are left out or such may additionally provide both pragmatic then pecuniary benefits. The development on deregulated rule structures has born in overloading transmission networks yet network congestion. Congestion has significant effect regarding monitoring systems, along with severe law damage. Congestion takes place now grid fails in conformity with switch rule based regarding the burden demand. These problems are managed the use of congestion administration methods, which lead an essential function of modern deregulated rule systems. Several techniques hold been proposed in conformity with boss congestion. Here SRF concept primarily based UPQC including Multi objective optimization has been ancient in imitation of improve the regulation common overall performance as nicely so because the dedication of choicest DG bulk or locations. The effectiveness regarding the proposed technique is examined over IEEE 33-bus system.




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    Malleswararao, M., & Geetha Ramadas, D. (2020). Grid Congestion& Voltage Profile Management in Distributed Generation using UPQC with MOABC Algorithm. SPC Journal of Energy, 3(1), 1-9.