2 - Variable AQCQ - Functional equation

  • Authors

    • S. Hema Latha Government Arts College (For Men),
    • E. Sathya Sri Vidya Mandir Arts & Science College
  • Additive functional equations, Quadratic functional equations, Cubic functional equations, Quartic functional equations, Mixed type functional equations, Ulam - Hyers stability, Ulam - Hyers - Rassias stability, Ulam - Gavruta - Rassias stability
  • In this paper, the authors obtain the general solution and generalized Ulam - Hyers stability of a 2 - variable AQCQ functional equation
    g(x+2y, u+2v)+g(x-2y, u-2v)& = 4[g(x+y, u+v) + g(x-y, u-v)]- 6g(x,u)\notag\\
    using Hyers direct method. Counter examples for non stability is also discussed.

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