Generalized free Gaussian white noise

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    • Hakeem Othman Head of Department of Mathematics, University College of Al-Qunfudah,Umm Alqura Uniersity, Alkhalidya, Alqunfuhah city, Kingdom of Saudi
  • Chebychev polynomials, Wigner semicircle distribution, Fourier transform, Wigner semicircle white noise
  • Based on an adequate new Gel'fand triple,  we construct the infinite dimensional free Gaussian white noise measure \(\mu\) using the Bochner-Minlos theorem. Next, we give the chaos decomposition of an \(L^{2}\) space with respect to the measure \(\mu\).

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    Othman, H. (2016). Generalized free Gaussian white noise. International Journal of Advanced Mathematical Sciences, 4(1), 18-20.