Management of chronic periodontitis: an interdisciplinary approach

  • Authors

    • Sneha Dani KLE Dental College and Hospital
    • Savitha A.N Oxford dental college, bangalore
    • Kenneth Tan oxford dental college, bangalore
    • Anand Naik oxford dental college, bangalore
    • Charan Chhatrala oxford dental college, bangalore
    • Ashwin Prabhu Kle dental college and hospital, bangalore
  • Adult Orthodontics, Chronic Periodontitis, Dento-Facial Esthetics, Interdisciplinary Treatment, Pathologic Migration
  • Objective: In recent years, advances in technique as well as a growing public interest in developing and maintaining a healthy and attractive smile, has resulted in a greater understanding of the interrelationships between periodontics and orthodontics. The primary objective of periodontal therapy is to restore and maintain the health and integrity of the attachment apparatus of teeth. In adults, the loss of teeth or periodontal support can result in pathological teeth migration involving either a single tooth or a group of teeth. This may result in the development of a diastema, incisal proclination, rotation with collapse of the posterior occlusion.

    Materials and methods: This case report is of a 32 year old female patient who reported with swollen gums, generalized spacing between the teeth and extruded upper anterior tooth. Periodontal therapy followed by fixed orthodontic therapy was planned.

    Results: At the end of 2 years a stable healthy periodontium was established that was both functional and esthetic.

    Conclusion: Adjunctive orthodontic therapy is often necessary for successful restoration of periodontal health. On the other hand, successful orthodontic treatment will depend on the periodontal preparation before and after treatment and the maintenance of periodontal health throughout all phases of mechano-therapy.

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    Dani, S., A.N, S., Tan, K., Naik, A., Chhatrala, C., & Prabhu, A. (2016). Management of chronic periodontitis: an interdisciplinary approach. International Journal of Dental Research, 4(2), 65-68.