Knowledge, attitude and practice of using antibiotics as self-medication among non-medical graduates

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    Background: Antibiotic abuse is a major concern in the modern era of internet. The ease of availability of drugs, lack of time to visit a doctor, poverty, the lack of knowledge about antibiotics, the influence of relatives, friends and advertising media seems to be the major contributing factors for self-medication. The objective of the study was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of antibiotics as self-medication among non-medical graduates.

    Methodology: A validated, self-administered questionnaire on knowledge, attitude and practice was used to collect data from 400 non-medical graduates.

    Results: Statistical analysis was done by Chi-square and Multiple response test. Results revealed that 163(68%) B.E and 95(59%) B.Com graduates were aware of antibiotics. Majority of graduates (>90%) in both the groups have the opinion that antibiotics are “Over the Counter” (OTC) drugs and that they have adverse effects.

    Conclusion: Majority of B.E and B.Com graduates were aware of antibiotics, but not of their side effects. They had the misconception that antibiotics are “OTC” drugs. The most common reason for self-medication was the previous use of same medication.

  • Keywords

    Knowledge; Attitude; Practice; Non-Medical Graduates; Self-Medication; Over the Counter (OTC); Antibiotics

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