The internship dentists self confidence levels during root canal treatment procedures


  • Mazen Doumani damascus university.alfarabi college for dentistry and nursing,Riyadh,saudi arabia
  • Adnan Habib alfarabi college for dentistry and nursing,Riyadh,saudi arabia
  • Abrar Alhababi alfarabi college for dentistry and nursing,Riyadh,saudi arabia
  • Ahmad Bashnakli alfarabi college for dentistry and nursing
  • Enass Shamsy faculty of dentistry ,Aleppo,Syria
  • Mohammad Zakaria Nassani alfarabi college for dentistry and nursing,Riyadh,saudi arabia





Root Canal Treatment, Endodontics, Self-Confidence, Internship Students.


Self-confidence level assessment in newly graduated students is very important to evaluate the undergraduate endodontic courses.
Objective: The aim of this study was to get information from internship dentists in Alfarabi dental college related to their confidence levels during root canal treatment procedures.
Methods: Anonymous survey forms were sent to 150 internship dentists in Alfarbi dental college. They were asked to indicate their self-confidence level by Lickert’s scoring system ranging between 1 and 5.
Results: Removal of broken instruments was determined as a procedure that was not experienced by 25.2% of the dentists. (44.6%) of dentists felt confident about taking radiographs during root canal treatment. 1.9 % of them reported as having very little confidence during retreatment. The irrigation was a procedure in which they felt very confident about (59.2%).
Conclusion: The non-practiced endodontic procedure was clearly related to levels of self confidence among internship dentists; this means; a lot of studies in dental school should be performed to determine the weakness points or gaps in undergraduate endodontic courses.


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