Melting point and microhardness of Cu2-II-IV-VI4 compounds


  • Salah DAOUD Bordj Bou Arreridj University
  • Hamza Rekab-Djabri Laboratory of Micro and Nanophysics (LaMiN), Oran ENP, BP 1523, El M’Naouer, 31000, Oran, Algeria
  • Nabil Beloufa Laboratory of Micro and Nanophysics (LaMiN), Oran ENP, BP 1523, El M’Naouer, 31000, Oran, Algeria





Cu2-II-IV-VI4 Semiconductors, Melting Point, Microhardness, Linear Correlation.


In the present study, we investigate the correlation between the melting point Tm and the microhardness H of some tetragonal and ortho-rhombic Cu2-II-IV-VI4 semiconducting compounds. After analyzing the experimental data of both Tm and H, we found that the melting point Tm of Cu2-II-IV-VI4 compounds correlates linearly with the microhardness H. With a coefficient of the correlation of around 0.98, the best fit was obtained using the linear model as follow: Tm = 175.54 H +792.27. The significance of the regression is given as the probability P of the null hypothesis (that there is no correlation) P < 0.0001, while the average error on the estimation of the melting point Tm was found only at around 1.54%. Our expression related Tm and H was used to predict the microhardness H of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) material. Our value (2.68 GPa) of H of CZTS deviates from the theoretical one (2.7 GPa) by only around 0.74%.


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