Stokes Problem of a Convective Flow Past a Vertical Infinite Plate in a Rotating System in Presence of Variable Magnetic Field.

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    In this paper, Stokes problem of a free convective flow past a vertical infinite plate in a rotating system in presence of variable magnetic field is investigated. The fluid considered is electrically conducting. The equations governing the flow in this case are non-linear, thus they cannot be solved analytically. The finite difference method (FDM) and computer will be employed in solving the non-linear equations. The effects of the various parameters entering into the problem are discussed extensively and are shown graphically. Discussion of results is done by investigating the parameters: m (the Hall parameter), E (rotational parameter) and M2 (The Magnetic parameter). If Gr > 0 (=0.5) then this is plate cooling by free convection currents, while when Gr < 0 (=-0.5), this is plate heating by free convection currents. The effect of a variable magnetic field is to retard the fluid motion by affecting the velocity and temperature.




Article ID: 1016
DOI: 10.14419/ijamr.v2i3.1016

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