Pythagoras 1:3, an expression of the finite universe of mathematics

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    The author has published several papers which are may be hard to understand and stand as a testament to the discovery of 1:3 mathematics which is an absolute accommodation of numbers, prime numbers placement , and precise angles. The author has published a continuous Prime sieve at the divergence of (5/6, 1/6) and (1/3 and 2/3), a final attempt is made here to communicate the simple mathematics of the finite universe of mathematics to the dead current mathematics, that in the authors opinion is dead to the absolute reality of mathematics, as a form of approximate mathematics and has offered this manuscript for review at any mathematical venue. This discussion is about 1:3 Pythagoras (?1+?9=?10 hypotenuse) and points to the clear mathematical relationship between 19 and 3^2. The span of the divergence at 1:3 is clearly2+ 1/ (3^2) from the base of 2. Current mathematics is currently operating in the approximation of their myriad current theory, and they seem content.




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DOI: 10.14419/ijamr.v2i4.1328

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