Coupled Coincidence and Common Fixed Point Theorems in Menger PM Spaces


  • Drdeepak singh Rajiv Gandhi Technical Univ. Bhopal India
  • Amin Ahmed
  • M. S. Rathore





Recently Many results on coupled xed point theory exist in the literature, for more de-tails, one can see in [2,11,22]. We established coupled coincidence and common xed point theoremsfor two self mixed g-monotone mappings in the settings of Menger PM-spaces. Our result is alsosubstantiated with the aid of an appropriate example and some open problems are also suggestedfor further studies

Author Biography

Drdeepak singh, Rajiv Gandhi Technical Univ. Bhopal India

Professor and Head Dept. Of Mathematics,Technocrate Inst. of Tech Bhopal (M.P.)-India

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