Homotopy analysis method for solving nonlinear diffusion equation with convection term

  • Authors

    • Bewar Mahmood Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science, University of Zakho
    • Saad A. Manaa
    • Fadhil H. Easif
  • In this article the homotopy analysis method (HAM) is used to find a numerical solution for the nonlinear diffusion equation with convection term. The numerical results obtained by using this method compared with the exact solution, by solving numerical example shows that (HAM) is accurate and close to the exact solution.

    Keywords: Homotopy Analysis Method, Nonlinear Diffusion Equation with Convection Term.

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    Mahmood, B., Manaa, S. A., & Easif, F. H. (2014). Homotopy analysis method for solving nonlinear diffusion equation with convection term. International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, 3(3), 244-250. https://doi.org/10.14419/ijamr.v3i3.2899