Comparison of query optimization techniques in content based image retrieval (CBIR)


  • Mariam Alharthi King Abdulaziz University
  • Fahad Alqurashi King Abdul-Aziz University





Content-Based Image Retrieval, CBIR, Query Optimization, A Multimedia Database, Image Retrieval.


With increasing the popularity of World Wide Web, storing digital contents increases enormously, in that case, it is important to implement convenient information systems which manage the collections of these digital contents efficiently. This paper concentrates on hastening techniques for efficient retrieval of images. Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) systems are used by common approaches. These systems support retrieving similar images depend on content properties (e.g., color, shape, and texture) by retrieving automatically similar images to a pattern or user-defined specification. The CBIR generally used in several applications by applying different techniques in each application which in turns enhance the retrieval process. The paper aims to evaluate some of these applications and compare them to find out the proper methods that return the best results in these CBIR systems.


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