Analytical solutions of reaction-diffusion-convection type equations from porous media by the Laplace-Adomian method

  • Authors

    • Yanick Alain Servais WELLOT École normale supérieure; University of Marien Ngouabi (Congo)
    • Gires Dimitri Nkaya Faculty of Sciences and Technology
  • Laplace-Adomian method, Laplace-Adomian method, media porous, Reaction-diffusion-convection equation.
  • The aim of this paper is to solve analytically fluid flow problems in a porous medium, the Laplace-Adomian method gives algorhims that converge faster to achieve the exact solution when it exists.

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    WELLOT, Y. A. S., & Nkaya, G. . D. (2022). Analytical solutions of reaction-diffusion-convection type equations from porous media by the Laplace-Adomian method. International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, 11(2), 43-47.