Investigating the Propagation and Death of Information in Human Subpopulation Networks


  • Jomar Fajardo Rabajante University of the Philippines





We introduce a conceptual-mathematical model that simulates the spread of information. We represent the states of the actors in the information flow using compartments. The compartment diagram is translated into a system of coupled ordinary differential equations. The diversity of social groups (subpopulations) is incorporated in the model, and the model is applicable for a heterogeneous community. We determine four possible spots that can be influenced to control the information propagation such as (1) controlling the inflow and outflow of people in each subpopulation, (2) regulating the media of communication, (3) influencing the belief system of the actors, and (4) introducing an antithesis to the circulating information.

Author Biography

Jomar Fajardo Rabajante, University of the Philippines

Assistant Professor, Mathematics Division, Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics, University of the Philippines Los Baños

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