Per-tiling, rep-tiling and Penrose tiling: a notion to edge cordial and cordial labeling

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    • Sathakathulla A. A. university Of Modern Sciences
  • Tiling, Fractals, Graph Labeling, Cordial and Edge Cordial.
  • A fractal is a complex geometric figure that continues to display self-similarity when viewed on all scales. A simple, yet unifying method is provided for the construction of tiling by tiles obtained from the attractor of an iterated function system (IFS). This tiling can be used to extend a fractal transformation on the entire space upon which the IFS acts. There are many in this family of tiling fractals curves but for my study, I have considered each one from the above family of tiling fractals. These fractals have been considered as a graph and the same has been viewed under the scope of cordial and edge cordial labeling to apply this concept for further study.

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    A. A., S. (2015). Per-tiling, rep-tiling and Penrose tiling: a notion to edge cordial and cordial labeling. International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, 4(2), 308-315.