Pinwheel tiling fractal graph- a notion to edge cordial and cordial labeling

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    • Sathakathulla A A university Of Modern Sciences
  • Pinwheel Tiling, Fractals, Graph Labeling, Cordial and Edge Cordial.
  • A fractal is a complex geometric figure that continues to display self-similarity when viewed on all scales. Tile substitution is the process of repeatedly subdividing shapes according to certain rules. These rules are also sometimes referred to as inflation and deflation rule. One notable example of a substitution tiling is the so-called Pinwheel tiling of the plane. Many examples of self-similar tiling are made of fractiles: tiles with fractal boundaries. . The pinwheel tiling was the first example of this sort. There are many as such as family of tiling fractal curves, but for my study, I have considered this Pinwheel and its two intriguing Pinwheel properties of tiling fractals. These fractals have been considered as a graph and the same has been viewed under the scope of cordial and edge cordial labeling to apply this concept for further study in Engineering and science applications.

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