New efficiency algorithm for solving fractional order differential-algebraic system

  • Authors

    • Sameer Hasan Al-Mustansiriay University
    • Eman Namah Baghdad University
  • Analytic Solution, Laplace Iteration Method, Laplace Transform, Invers Laplace Transform, System of Fractional Order Differential-Algebraic Equations.
  • This work provided the evolution of the algorithm for analytic solution of system of fractional differential-algebraic equations (FDAEs).

    The algorithm referred to good effective method for combination the Laplace Iteration method with general Lagrange multiplier (LLIM). Through this method we have reached excellent results in comparison with exact solution as we illustrated in our examples.

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    Hasan, S., & Namah, E. (2016). New efficiency algorithm for solving fractional order differential-algebraic system. International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, 5(3), 152-157.