On common fixed points in generalized Menger spaces


  • Salwa Abed Baghdad university, College of Education for pure sciences, Ibn Al-Haitham, department of mathematics
  • Hadeel Hussein Luaibi






Fixed Points, Weakly Compatible, Semi-Compatible, Menger Spaces.


R. Vasuki [1] proved fixed point theorems for expansive mappings in Menger spaces. R. Gujetiya and et al [2] presented an extension of the main result of Vasuki, for four expansive mappings in Menger space. In this article, an important lemma is given to prove that the iteration sequence is Cauchy under suitable condition in Menger probabilistic G-metric space (shortly, MPGM-space). And then, used to obtain three common fixed point theorems for expansive type mappings.

Author Biography

Salwa Abed, Baghdad university, College of Education for pure sciences, Ibn Al-Haitham, department of mathematics

Dr. Salwa S.Abed, assist.proff.in Dep. of math.



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