Attention!!! Is 2 weeks cough symptoms is enough or still 3 weeks cough symptoms can assess tuberculosis


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A prospective cross sectional study was conducted in the Department of Medicine, Christian Medical College and Hospital and Civil Hospital, Ludhiana. Patients between the age group 18-70 years were included in the study. 790 patients were taken for the study. Numbers of males were 65.4% and females 34.6%. In the study, it was found that in patients with 2 weeks cough duration, sputum AFB was positive at 2 weeks as well as 3 weeks. But in those patients who were negative at 2 weeks duration, when they were re-examined at 3rd week, the positivity of sputum AFB had increased which was statistically significant. So sputum analysis at 3 weeks is better than 2 weeks for tuberculosis evaluation, although evaluation of sputum should be done early at 2 weeks, cough duration for early diagnosis and treatment initiation.


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