Educational religious corresponding plurality


  • Babak Shamshiri
  • Beheshteh Safarpour





The aim of this paper is to study the relationship between pluralism and religious education in Education. On the whole, the main aim of this writing is to recite the possibility and assumptions of a religious model corresponding plurality with the present developments and to discuss and study the features of an efficient and responsive religious education against the changes in the world without borders. The main questions in this research are: 1. is it possible to design a religious approach that can be associated with pluralism? 2. What consequences can this view have for education? Methods to answer the above questions using the documentary method and referring to the studies including scholarly books and articles have been scientific-Research and analysis-inference i.e. the method based on rational reasoning and inference. In order to answer the first and the second questions analytical and inferential methods were used, respectively. In other words, According to the clarification of the concept and meaning of pluralism, the possibility of its aggregation with religious is deductible and the consequences of the sum of the two can be studied. In conclusion, findings showed that it was possible to sum between pluralism and Islamic education.

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