Assessing the impacts of inter-annual rainfall variability on cash crops’ yield in Ondo state, Nigeria

  • Authors

    • Omosuyi Oluwayemisi Bukola Adeyemi College of Education
    • Akinfisoye Emmanuel Oluwadunsin
    • Funmilayo Olukemi Abimbola
  • Assessment, Cash Crops, Climate Change, Rainfall Variability, And Yield.
  • The agriculture sector is of great importance to the development of any nation in Africa; hence, it is determined by the operating climatic mechanisms of such nation, especially rainfall. This study was carried out to assess the inter-annual rainfall variability impacts on cash crop yield in Ondo state for a period of twenty years (2000-2019). The study employed mainly secondary data which was analyzed using inferential statistics. Trend analysis was used to determine the pattern of rainfall and cash crops’ yield for the period under review. Also it was revealed that there were fluctuations in the trend of rainfall and the yield of cash crops. The correlation analysis showed a significant relationship between rainfall and cash crops yield; but an inverse relationship with rubber yield specifically. On the other hand the regression analysis showed little impact of rainfall variability on cash crop yield. However, it was recommended that in this era of dwindling economy due to over reliance on crude oil in Nigeria, the government through National Orientation Agency and Non-governmental Organizations should keep persuading and enlightening Nigerians to venture into agriculture to save the country’s economy and reduce poverty.



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