Effect of ball end milling parameters on surface and subsurface of Inconel-718

  • Authors

    • Nandkumar Bhopale DR. BATU, Lonere
    • Raju pawade DR. BATU, Lonere
  • Ball End Mill, Environment, HSM, Inconel-718, Microhardness.
  • Inconel-718 has poor machinability due to this; it is leading to severe low surface integrity. The paper discusses the effect of ball end milling parameters on surface integrity produced during dry and chilled machining environment. In this work, the variable depth of cut concept of Scattergood is used to describe the influence of machining process parameters on the machined surface. Taguchi orthogonal (L8) experiments were designed considering five input parameters. The surface integrity in terms of arithmetic average surface roughness Ra and the microhardness is analysed in this paper. The results show that the dry machining was beneficial for surface integrity.

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