Holiness of life and dating practices of freshman and sophomore student at Adventist university of Indonesia


  • Stimson Hutagalung Universitas Advent Indonesia, Bandung






Holiness of Life, Dating Practice, Student.


The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of holiness of life toward the practice of dating at University Advent Indonesia Bandung. The study covered aspects of holiness of life and practice of dating. The study was descriptive covering a simple random sampling of 84 respondents drawn from 541 students. Data collected through questionnaire and was analyzed using statistical tools SPSS 16. The practice of dating: holding hands when dating 36%, hugging and kissing on the lips 10%, heavy kissing 8%, having sex 1%. From data analysis concluded that the holiness of life affects only effected by 12.6% toward the practice of dating, while 87.4% influenced by other variables not examined, the value of the R Square below 5% or likely to approach a value of 0, it can be concluded the ability of independent variables in explaining the variation of variables is very limited. This means that there was no effect between holiness of life toward dating practices.


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