Some Unique Herbal Remedies Against Cough and Cold From Marathwadi Ghat Areas in Beed District (M.S.)


  • Ashok Punjaji Salave University of Pune-411007,Maharashtra,India





An extensive field surveys were arranged in Imampur Ghat areas to document the ethno-medicinal information regarding the use of wild and endemic ethno-flora against cough and cold. The information presented here, is being collected from the local inhabitants through verbal interviews by an informal ways during the period from pre-monsoon of 2009 to the post-monsoon of 2011.The paper focuses on the ethno-medicinal uses of 34 genera belonging to 32 families used for curing cough and cold among the local inhabitants in their routine life. Keywords: Herbal remedy, Imampur Ghat, Traditional knowledge

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Ashok Punjaji Salave, University of Pune-411007,Maharashtra,India

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