Maghnite-H+, An Eco-catalyst layered (Algerian Montmorillonite) for Synthesis of Polyaniline/Maghnite Nanocomposites


  • Abdelkader Rahmouni university of oran-Algeria
  • Harrane Amine
  • Belbachir Mohammed





The nanocomposites namely Polyaniline/Maghnite clay (PANI-Mag) composites were synthesized by solution polymerization of aniline in the presence of sulfuric acid and amount of potassium persulfate (PPS), with molar ratio of monomer to oxidant of 2:1, the aniline was polymerized and largely incorporated into the Maghnite,which was confirmed by FTIR ,HNMR spectra and UV-Vis spectroscopy shows some peaks shifts, which indicate the formation of some new bonds and support the intercalation of PANI chains into the interlayer spacing of Maghnite MMT clay. That, the morphology of the PANI-Mag composites changed according to the proportion of clay. The conductive emeraldine salt form of polyaniline PANI-ES is inserted into the layers of maghnite clay to produce the hybrid with high conductivity and solubility in various organic solvents. The resulting organic-inorganic hybrid material, PANI-Mag  has been characterized by various physicochemical techniques.


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