Advantages and disadvantages of knowledge and wisdom

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    • Mohammad Ali Hosseini
  • When a person is born, apart from natural instincts and biological impulses endowed in his existence, is unaware of realities around him. He gets acquainted with the world around him by utilizing senses and wisdom bestowed upon him by God. With the passage of time he understands realities of the World. The wisdom plays the role of the lamp and with its light removes ignorance and darkness and introduces new horizons of secrets of universe to him. Knowledge becomes instrument of dynamism and development of human-being. With increase in knowledge, ignorance changes into information and darkness into light and shows the way to highest achievements. Even knowledge itself becomes an achievement for human soul and as stated by eminent Philosopher, Mulla Sadra, the human soul develops existence in the light of knowledge and attains heights.


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    Hosseini, M. A. (2013). Advantages and disadvantages of knowledge and wisdom. International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2(3), 210-214.