The new solitary solutions of the foam drainage & (2+1) dimensional breaking soliton equations


  • Emad H. M. Zahran faculty of science , zagazig University
  • Maha S. M. Shehat faculty of engineering,Shubra,Benha university





Foam Drainage Equation, the (2 1)-Dimensional Breaking Soliton Equation, the Modified Extended Tanh-Function Method, Ricatti Equation, Travelling Wave Solution


In this study, the modified extended tanh-function method is handling to obtain many new solitary wave solutions of two important models in nonlinear physics. The first one is the foam drainage equation which is a simple model for describing the flow of liquid through channels and nodes between the bubbles, driven by gravity and capillarity. The second is (2+1)-dimensional breaking soliton equation which describe the interaction of a Riemann wave propagating along the y-axis with along the x-axis. The obtained results are compared with that obtained in previous work.



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