Love for the divine or divine love

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    • Mohammad ali Hosseini
  • There is no doubt that likes and dislikes develop under the influence of love and hatred. As a person loves, he has a feeling of pleasure and happiness and when he hates, he feels pain, suffocation and anguish. May be, because of this, some great thinkers and Philosophers thought that the aim of good morality was happiness, means a happy life and achievements of this was possible only in love and affectionate life. The highest point of this life was life of love. The secret of attachment of value to this term "Love" should be searched in this fact. But what is more important than the origin of love is the position of beloved. The degree of happy8ness of a person is related to the degree of his love. The status of his love should be assessed by the glory and rank of his beloved. The durability and longevity of the love is connected with the rise and fall of glory of the beloved. The main question is with whose glory and greatness one should put his soul and head at stake so that eternal and durable love is achieved resulting into eternal pleasure and happiness.


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    Hosseini, M. ali. (2013). Love for the divine or divine love. International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2(3), 239-243.