Preparation of Labelled dopamine by 125I using Lactoperoxidase and N- Bromosuccinamide

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    The present study was carried out to prepare 125I- dopamine Tracer, using oxidizing agents such as Lactoperoxidase and N- Bromosuccinamide , which was purified by column sephadex G-75 and used to study the biodistribution in normal Albino Swiss mice and the results indicate the possibility of using [125I] iodo dopamine as myocardial imaging agent. The conditions of radioiodination such as concentration of oxidizing agent, reaction time, concentration of Atenolol and effect of pH were studied to get maximum yield. Stability study of dopamine tracer was carried out.




Article ID: 96
DOI: 10.14419/ijbas.v1i3.96

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