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Executive Editorial Board


Due to an increase in the number of paper submissions and the need to reduce the turnaround time in the paper review process, IJET is seeking dedicated educators and professionals in the following fields to serve on IJET’s Executive Editorial Board.


Aerospace engineering

Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Civil engineering

Chemical engineering

Computer engineering

Computer science

Construction engineering/Construction management

Electrical engineering

Electronic engineering

Engineering management

Environmental engineering

Manufacturing engineering

Materials engineering

Mechanical engineering


Systems engineering


Executive editorial board members have the responsibilities to review papers in their areas of expertise, submit recommendations to the editor on the suitability of submitted papers for publication, and recommend procedures to increase the efficiency in the paper review and publication processes.


The initial appointment is for a period of one year, and is renewable upon mutual agreement.   Interested individuals should submit their curriculum vitae to



Vol 8, No 3 (2019)

Table of Contents


The local multiset dimension of graphs

Ridho Alfarisi, Dafik ., Arika Indah Kristiana, Ika Hesti Agustin Pages: 120-124

Pareto lévy in Islamic stock markets: a research agenda for Islamic finance

Felicia Chong Hui Ling, Rusnah Muhamad Pages: 279-283

Analysis and Comparison of Data Compression Algorithms

Shrenik Nambiar, H. Srikanth Kamath Pages: 169-174

A study of quality performance and deviations in public building in Bauchi State of Nigeria

Kolawole Adegboyega Richard, Bobbo Hadiza Dahiru, Mudashir Raji Mohammed Pages: 125-131

Instigating Fruit Fly Optimization for Node Capture Attack in calculating Energy Cost for Single Path Routing in Wireless Sensor Network

Ruby Bhatt, Priti Maheshwary, Piyush Shukla Pages: 142-145

Optimizing wear rate for PDC cutter using taguchi’s technique and response surface methodology a comparative analysis

Amirul Aliff Jamaludin, Nik Mizamzul Mehat, Shahrul Kamaruddin Pages: 155-161

Electrospun composite fiber for liquefied petroleum gas sensing

T. Victoria Adeseluka, S. Oluwagbemiga Alayande, Emmanuel Ajenifuja, F. Joke Okparaocha, O. Fasakin, J. Adegbindin Ajao Pages: 146-154

Development of antipodal Vivaldi antenna for microwave brain stroke imaging system

Azahari Salleh, Ching Chiou Yang, Mandeep Singh Jit Singh, Mohammad Tariqul Islam Pages: 162-168

UWB Power Divider using Tapered Transmission Line and Loaded Structure

Jawad Ali, Noorsaliza Abdullah, Ezri Mohd, Roshayati Yahya, Norshidah Katiran, Intan Sue Liana Abd Hamid Pages: 175-179

Performance parameters of protocol AOMDV under random obstacle mobility model

Enciso Liliana, Mengual Luis Pages: 180-187

Iterative application method for solving system modified korteweg-de vries equations

Zeiad Y.Ali, Allawee . Pages: 188-192

Fingerprint and location based multifactor authentication for mobile applications

Norah Abdullah Aldumiji, Esam Ali Khan Pages: 193-204

Time complexity of proposed evolutionary algorithm in artificial neural network

G. G.V.R. Sagar, IEEE Member Pages: 210-215

Identification and risk mitigation strategy of cocoa commodities supply chain using fuzzy house of risk method (Fuzzy-HOR)

Imam Santoso, Noval Nazwanuril Wafi Pages: 216-222

A review on the applications of signal processing techniques for mitigating dementia-related hearing implications through a wide-band equalizer

Abigail Copiaco, Abeer ElKouly, Nidhal Abdulaziz, Obada Alkhatib, Halim Khelalfa, Mohamed Fareq Malek, Flevy Lasrado Pages: 223-229

A novel approach on transport information system for pre-defined routes using traffic estimation framework and open layer JS

D. C. Kiruthikka, Dr. S. Pavalarajan, Dr. C. Kalaiarasan Pages: 230-239

Dispersion model of methane (CH4) and carbondioxide (CO2) emissions from punggur landfill batam

Yodi ., Yosef Adicita, Muhammad Rizki Apritama, I Wayan Koko Suryawan, Gita Prajati Pages: 240-245

FC Geo-cool: earth coupled solar assisted hybrid heat pump energy efficient cooling system

Alfred Howard Miller, Fesmi Abdul Majeed, Suhair Alwahabi, Mazin Abuharaz, Anil Midathada, Chanyalew Belachew Pages: 246-251

Evaluation of students learning outcomes on engineering surveying

Goh Boon Hoe, Chiang Choon Lai, Betsy Lee Guat Poh, Kasturi Muthoosamy Pages: 252-256

The utilization of concrete sludge of batching plant (CSBP) as a partial cement replacement in concrete

Nur Muizzah Nawi, Doris Asmani Mat Yusof, Siti Shahidah Sharipudin, Nora Farina Mohd Halim, Nor Mayuze Mohamad, Mohammad Zakuan Shafie Pages: 257-260

Comprehensive study and investigation of ROS for computer vision applications using Raspberry Pi

Jignesh Patoliya, Hiren Mewada Pages: 261-269

Design of RC4 stream cipher for secured communication

G. V.R.Sagar, . . Pages: 205-209

Design of RC4 stream cipher for secured communication

G. V. R. Sagar Pages: 270-274

Mapped middle view’s inter-view prediction to multiview pre-diction in MVC

B. Ranjit Reddy, Dr. Ramana Reddy Pages: 275-278

Physical aspects of stabling systems in agriculture as a precondition of efficient utility

Terézia Pošiváková, Rudolf Hromada, Peter Korim, Ján Pošivák, Jozef Švajlenka, Margaréta Horváthová Pages: 284-287

RDFSpark: a new solution for querying massive RDF data using spark

Mouad Banane, Abdessamad Belangour Pages: 288-294

Experimental investigation on mechanical behaviour and parameters of FDM printed carbon fibre reinforced PET-G and PET-G

Kareem Dakhil Jasym Pages: 295-301

Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network based Mobility Prediction in MANET

J. Manimaran, Dr. T.Suresh Pages: 302-307

Virtual reality use in online learning

Cecep Kustandi, Robinson Situmorang, Ika Lestari Pages: 308-314

A multi-product MPS optimization under risk

M. S. Al-Ashhab, Hassan Fadag, Shadi Mohammad Munshi Pages: 315-323

Surface processing to improve the fatigue strength of bainitic steels – An overview

Rafael Luciano Dalcin, Rodrigo Afonso Hatwig, Leonardo Fonseca Oliveira, Juliana Zottis, Alexandre da Silva Rocha, Jérémy Epp, Hans-Werner Zoch Pages: 324-332

Husk rice used in the pack carburizing process of the AISI 1020 steel

J. F. Llano M., E. A. Pérez R., A. Cárdenas D. Pages: 333-336

Computational validation of the design of an air-biogas mixer for a turboalimented diesel engine

Javier Carpintero Durango, Jonathan Fábregas Villegas, Henry Santamaría De La Cruz, Saul Pérez Pérez, Guillermo Valencia Ochoa Pages: 337-342

Efficiency of integration crashing program and building information modeling on high rise building projects

Nunung Widyaningsih, Bambang Purwoko Kusumo Bintoro, Ikra Nasrul Huri Saputra Pages: 343-349

Longitudinal study of N compounds during flood neap and spring tides in the Terengganu River estuary, Malaysia

Suhaimi Suratman, Azzyati Abdul Aziz, Norhayati Mohd Tahir, Lee Hin Lee Pages: 350-356

Design and development of cocoa pod breaking and beans extraction machine

Dzudie Fonsso Josué, Ftatsi Mbetmi Guy-De-Patience, Kenmeugne Bienvenu, Djeumako Bonaventure Pages: 357-366

An analytical research study of MRI brain tumor modalities and classification techniques

Deepthi Murthy T S, Sadashivappa G Pages: 357-376

Evaluating The Visibility of Building Syrian Refugee Shelters by 3D Printing Technology in Jordan

Mohanad Akeila, Kelvin Kuok King Kuok, N. H. Matthew Wong Pages: 377-385

A survey of collision avoidance in TDMA based mac protocols for vehicular Adhoc networks

S. sajini, E. A.Mary Anita Pages: 386-389

A review on data preprocessing methods for class imbalance problem

Haseeb Ali, Mohd Najib Mohd Salleh, Kashif Hussain, Arshad Ahmad, Ayaz Ullah, Arshad Muhammad, Rashid Naseem, Muzammil Khan Pages: 390-397

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