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International Journal of Engineering & Technology

Title: International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)
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Executive Editorial Board


Due to an increase in the number of paper submissions and the need to reduce the turnaround time in the paper review process, IJET is seeking dedicated educators and professionals in the following fields to serve on IJET’s Executive Editorial Board.


Aerospace engineering

Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Civil engineering

Chemical engineering

Computer engineering

Computer science

Construction engineering/Construction management

Electrical engineering

Electronic engineering

Engineering management

Environmental engineering

Manufacturing engineering

Materials engineering

Mechanical engineering


Systems engineering


Executive editorial board members have the responsibilities to review papers in their areas of expertise, submit recommendations to the editor on the suitability of submitted papers for publication, and recommend procedures to increase the efficiency in the paper review and publication processes.


The initial appointment is for a period of one year, and is renewable upon mutual agreement.   Interested individuals should submit their curriculum vitae to



Vol 8, No 1.12 (2019): Special Issue 12

Table of Contents


Analysis of Slope Stability with Wire Mesh and Nailing as Slope Protection System Using Finite Element Method (PLAXIS)

Mohamad Ayob, Nurliyana Shafee, Khairul Salleh, Shin to Amiri, Anuar Kasa Pages: 1-5

Path Planning Robot Using Proximity Sensor

Nurul ‘Ain Amirrudin, Lim Zhen Mao Pages: 6-10

Simulation of Self- Rechargeable Electric Vehicle

Sheih Muhammad Buhari, Nur Azliza, Sivakumar . Pages: 11-14

Investigating Earthquake Resistance School Building in Peninsular Malaysia

Leong Wai Yie, Choo Kok Wah, Nik Zainab Nik Pages: 15-21

Intelligent Wheelchair Control Prototype Using Voice Recognition System for Disabled Patients

Nik Nur Zuliyana Mohd Rajdi, Naechitra Jothi Pages: 22-28

Elastic Properties of Woven Fabric CFRP Composites

Lee Sim Yee, Hilton Ahmad, Khairi Supar Pages: 29-35

Blood Cells Counting Using Modified Circular Hough Transform

Siti Madihah Mazalan, Khairul Huda Yusof, Nur Rashidah Ahmad Rashidi, Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood, Mohd Azhar Abdul Razak Pages: 36-41

Glove Gesture Sensor-Based Motion for Deaf and Mute People Equip with Global Positioning System (GPS)

Nik Nur Zuliyana Binti Mohd Rajdi, Ahmad Mujahid Ubaidillah Bin Zakaria, Mohamed Harris Bin Abdul Ghani, . . Pages: 42-46

Some Selected Experimental Study on the Geotechnical Characteristics of Malaysian Laterite Soil Mixed with Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3)

Shin To Amiri, Ali Dehghanbanadaki, Mohamad Ayob Pages: 47-50

Influences of Injection Pressure and Flow Rate to the Green Properties

Tan Koon Tatt, Norhamidi Muhamad, Che Hassan Che Haron, Khairur Rijal Jamaludin Pages: 51-54

Ten Years Road Maintenance Activity and Forecast: A Case Study

Siti Afifa Anuar, Syazana Syahirah Jamaludin, Raziff Hamsan Pages: 55-58

Deploying Mobile Trend in Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia

M. Idris, A. H Hussain Pages: 59-62

Effects by Various Cross Sections on Monoshocks Helical Spring Using Static Stress Analysis and Sustainable Analysis

Ganeshan ., Kamalakannan ., Sivakumar ., Tan koon Tatt, Kasirajan . Pages: 63-67

Safety Assessment Method for Prefabricated Timber Roof Truss

Khairul Salleh Baharudin, Mohamad Bin Ayob, Aiman Mohammed Ali Al-Shami, Rosnani Ahmad, Zakiah Ahmad Pages: 68-74

Investigation on Tilt Angle Calculation and Irradiation on Solar Panels

Kasirajan ., Sivakumar ., Tan Koon Tatt, Leong Wai Yie Pages: 75-78

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