A Study on seismic load characteristics and modelling of chimney structure using fem approach

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    Chimneys are landmarks for power plants and industrial setups for modelling them using FEM approach. Chimneys are vertically and discharge, gaseous products of combustion, chemical wastes gases and exhaust air from and industry to the atmosphere. Rapid growth of industrialisation and increasing need for air pollution control as made RC chimneys as common structure in modern scenarios. With large scale industrialisation number of chimneys and stacks being constructed is increasing year by year. Here the chimney structure can be analysed by finite element analysis using FEM approach. Based on ANSYS Software, the structure can be meshed (discretized into several parts are called elements). At last, we can apply the boundary conditions and calculate its design by applying various loads.

  • Keywords

    Chimney, modelling, Fem approach, ANSYS

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