Comparative study of conventional and enzymatic pretreatment (scouring & bleaching) of cotton knitted fabric

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    The scouring and bleaching performance of conventional process (hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide), was compared to that of enzymatic process using enzyme (arylesterase) which catalyst the discontinuous peroxide reaction. The whiteness and reflectance% indicating bleaching performance and absorbency and weight loss % was used as a measure of the scouring performance. Comparison of these performance and the effects are analyzed by using graphical representation. The weight loss% of enzymatic process was less than conventional process. In conventional process the reflectance % and absorbency increased and whiteness decreased with the increasing of concentration of caustic soda and the aforementioned properties were increased with the increasing of concentration of H2O2. In enzymatic process the reflectance % of cotton fabric increased and whiteness and absorbency fluctuated with the increasing of concentration of enzyme. Meanwhile reflectance %, absorbency and whiteness increased with the increasing of concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Enzymatic process was found eco-friendly process as it was occurred in neutral pH and the COD of this process was less than conventional process. It was found that the enzymatic process was superior to the conventional process under the conditions studied.

    Keywords: Scouring, bleaching, conventional, enzymatic pretreatment.

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