Internet of Things based Customer Relationship Management – A Research Perspective

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    Objectives: To study the impact of Internet of things (IoT) on the Customer Relationship Management process and evaluate the benefits in terms of customer satisfaction and customer retention. Methods: An extensive literature review was conducting wherein the constructs of CRM and IoT are studied. Various preliminary information on IoT and CRM system along with the components of Digital enablers have been evaluated. References from research papers, journals, Internet sites, statistical data sites and books were used to collate the relevant content on the subject. The study of all the relevant scenarios where there is a possible impact of IoT origin real time data on CRM was undertaken. Findings: Customer demands are continuously evolving and it is very relevant for all the organizations to align and keep pace with the change. Organizations need to be customer centric and agile to the changing market scenarios. Evaluation of the trends in mobile internet vs desktop internet was also conducted to validate the findings. Application: The usage of real time data emerging out of the IoT landscape has become a reality with the data transmitted over the Internet and consumed by the CRM system. It improves the control on the customer relationship function helping the organizations to operate within healthy and sustained profit



  • Keywords

    Agile CRM ; Customer Relationship Management; CRM, Internet of Things; IoT.

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