Designing Talking ATM System for People with Visual Impairments

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    In this paper, we discuss process of design and development of talking ATM for visually impaired people. Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has become vital part of our life to perform financial transactions without intervention of human banker. ATM facilitates cash withdrawal, balance check, mini statement and fund transfer. But, these banking services using ATM cannot be directly used by some set of people of society such as people with low vision, visually impaired, illiterate as lack of accessing ATM through screens. Even they can be defrauded at ATM centers. To digitally include these set of people, talking ATMs are evolved. Talking ATM provides accessibility to ATM services by providing audio component. Many ATMs employ headphone jack that facilitates user to do transaction with security. The audio information is generated either using pre-recorded speech corpus or through speech synthesis engine. The paper summarizes how ATM works, need, proposed solution of talking ATM for visually impaired users, design and development talking ATM using concatenated Text To Speech.



  • Keywords

    Automated Teller Machine; Visually Impaired; Talking ATM; Text To Speech.

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