A Student Performance Prediction Model Using Data Mining Technique

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    Predicting performance is very significant in the education world nowadays. This paper will describe the process of doing a prediction of student performance by using data mining technique. 257 data sets were taken from the student of semester 6 KPTM that involved four (4) academic programs which are Diploma in Computer System and Networking, Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in Accountancy. Knowledge Discovery in Database (KDD) was used as a guide to the process of finding and extracting a knowledge from the dataset. A decision tree and linear regression were used to analyze the dataset based on variables selected. The variables used are Gender, Financing, SPM, GPASem1, GPASem2, GPASem3, GPASem4, GPASem5 and CGPA as a dependent variable. The result from this indicate the significant variable that contribute most to the students’ performance. Based on the analysis, the decision tree shows that GPASem1 has a strong significant to the CGPA final semester of the student and the prediction accuracy is 82%. The linear regression shows that the GPA for each semester has a highly significant with the dependent variable with 96.2% prediction accuracy. By having this information, the management of KPTM can make a plan to ensure that the student can maintain a good result and at the same time to make a strategic plans for those without a good result.



  • Keywords

    Data mining, Knowledge Discovery in Database, Prediction, Student performance, Decision tree

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