The research of clinker monominerals modified suspensions’ rheological properties

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    The findings of studying the influence of the superplasticizers of various natures on rheological properties of clinker monominerals’ water suspensions have been presented. It has been shown that the plasticizing activity of admixtures is determined by the nature and the specific surface of a monomineral and the nature of the admixture’s hydrophilic groups, and for complex admixtures also with the ratio of individual components. The optimal admixture dosages for monomineral suspensions of clinker minerals change in the row C2S, C3S, C3A, C4AF, which allows forecasting the influence of admixtures on rheological properties of systems with cements of various mineral compositions. The obtained data correlate with the research findings of the admixtures’ influence on cements of various mineral composition, which allows deducing the influence of admixtures on the systems with other cements, and providing the economically and technologically feasible selection and consumption of admixtures depending on the type of cement and its mineral composition.


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    Superplasticizers, Concrete Mix, Colloid-Chemical Properties, Plasticizing Activity, Rheological Properties

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