Design of cigarette disposal blower and automatic freshner using mq-5 sensor based on atmega 8535 microcontroller

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    Design is an important thing in this research. This design includes the specifications of the components contained in the circuit and how the circuit works. In the early stages, component selection is done as needed. After getting the required components, the next step is the design and manufacture of tools. This design is intended to learn the circuit and work system tool that will be made. The purpose of making this tool is design and make blower smoke and auto fragrance disposal using MQ-5 sensor based microcontroller ATMega 8535. The benefits of making smoke disposal and auto fragrance blower using MQ-5 sensor based microcontroller ATMega 8535 is to dispose cigarette smoke and automatically fragrances the room to prevent the build-up of cigarette smoke in a room and to help minimize the dangers of cigarette smoke for passive smokers so that the air circulation in the room keeps going well.


  • Keywords

    Cigarette disposal; automatic freshner; microcontroller.

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