Embedded Design in Synchronization of Alternator Automation

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    In this paper, a new method for automatic synchronization of alternator has been developed without the necessity of manual interpretation. Any Alternator can be connected automatically to the infinite bus bar with this developed control unit. The phase voltage, phase angle, phase sequence and frequency of the incoming alternator is compared with the reference infinite bus bar with the help of various sensing modules and interpreted by microcontrollers. If the conditions are observed to be optimistic then automated synchronization is done with a prior indication. The system is entirely automated and works entirely on LabVIEW environment. This synchronization technique is cost-effective, reliable, fast and precise to be used for measurement, control, monitoring and parallel operation of alternator. This research is made to overcome the drawbacks of manual methods of alternator synchronization.



  • Keywords

    synchronization of alternator; my RIO; LabVIEW; zero crossing detectors(ZCD); LM 397; Pinguino PIC32; embedded C; High voltage DC chopper; Steam controller valve; Electrical Contactors.

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