Information Management and PSM Evaluation System

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    Information Management and PSM Evaluation System is a system developed to replace the existing system at the Faculty of Computing. The existing system at the Faculty of Computing is a manual system in which all the evaluation process still utilises paper forms. PSM is divided into two phases; PSM1 and PSM2 and each phase has a different form for evaluation. This process is seen to be less systematic and imposes much time on the evaluator, coordinator and supervisor who are also lecturers. Information Management and PSM Evaluation System is designed to automate information management and evaluation of PSM to keep the information in the database. The scope of these systems focuses on admin, supervisor, evaluator and coordinator bound to PSM1 and PSM2. Some of the functions that can be operated on the system are evaluation, updating PSM students’ information and generating reports. The chosen methodology is an Evolutionary Prototype which needs are taken care of the system during modifications. Requirements established during the interview is employed to form a common structure with the essential basic functions of the system. Therefore, Information Management and PSM Evaluation System was developed to automate the manual system to increase efficiency. The system was developed using technology and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and has been successfully completed within the specified time.



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    Information Management, PSM Evaluation.

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