Threshold based brain tumor image segmentation

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    Image processing is most vital area of research and application in field of medical-imaging. Especially it is a major component in medical science. Starting from radiology to ultrasound (sonography), MRI, etc. in lots of area image is the only source of diagnosis process. Now-a-days, different types of devices are being introduced to capture the internal body parts in medical science to carry the diagnosis process correctly. However, due to various reasons, the captured images need to be tuned digitally to gain the more information. These processes involve noise reduction, segmentations, thresholding etc. . Image segmentation is a process to segment the target area of image to identify the area more prominently. There are different process are evolved to perform the segmentation process, one of which is Image thresholding. Moreover there are different tools are also introduce to perform this step of image thresholding. The recent introduced tool PSO is being used here to segment the MRI scans to identify the brain lesions using image thresholding technique.




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    Medical Imaging; Tumor; Lesion; Swarm-Intelligence; PSO; Segmentation; Thresholds.

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