An overview of various ad hoc routing protocols in MANET

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    Mobile ad hoc network is a wireless network which has peer to peer process .it is established to achieve a group of network to be connected in wireless network. It is a large network that transfers the data from source to destination .Here we are computing the routing protocols like (DSDV, AODV, OLSR, DSR, TORA, and ZRP) which is analyzed in the form of packet delivery ratio, throughput, end to end delay, Routing overhead. There are three types of ADHOC network routing protocol 1) table driven proactive protocol acts as background traffic generally, in ADHOC  network the location of one node is send to other node through location this nodes transfer the data from one to other its done by DSDV and WRP. 2) on demand driven reactive it establish route between nodes when they are required to route packet data it is done by DSR and AODV. 3)  hybrid protocol each node has its own zone radius.


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