Studying the Role of Brand Community in Designing and Developing a New Product (Case Study: Cosmetics)

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    The purpose of this study was to study the role of the brand community in the design and development of a new product (case study: cosmetics). The statistical society is the customers of Arian Kimia Tak Co. one of the successful companies in cosmetics industry in Iran. A questionnaire was used to collect data and 384 questionnaires were distributed among the customers of Arian Kimia Tak Co. and the required data were collected. In order to determine the sample size, the simplest method, Cochran formula, was used when the size of the community was unclear; the sample size was 384. The results of the data analysis show that there is a significant relationship among the identity of the brand community, the commitment to the brand community, attachment to the brand community and the similarity of the brand community with the design and development of a new product


  • Keywords

    Brand Community, Brand Identity, Brand Commitment, Brand Attachment, New Product Development.

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