Trend analysis of university placement by using machine learning algorithms

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    Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. These models help you to make a trend analysis of university placements data, to predict a placement rate for the students of an upcoming year which will help the university to analyze the performance during placements. Many students look at universities as a means of investment which can help them make a great future by getting placed in good companies and which will relieve their stress and unease from their lives before graduating from the university. The trend will also help in giving the companies reasons as to why they should visit university again and again. Some attributes play the very important role while analyzing the student for e.g. Student’s name, Department, Company, Location and Annual package. So, classification can help you to classify those data and clustering helps to make the clusters department wise. In this paper we have used neural networks to predict the upcoming student placement and got 77% of accuracy while testing were iteration are 1000. Through extensive trend analysis of varies complex data collected from different sources, we can demonstrate that our analysis can provide a good pragmatic solution for future placement of students.


  • Keywords

    Support Vector Machine; Decision Tree and Artificial Neural Network.

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