Color detection in RGB-modeled images using MAT LAB

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    This research work introduces a method of using color thresholds to identify two-dimensional images in MATLAB using the RGB Color model to recognize the Color preferred by the user in the picture. Methodologies including image color detection convert a 3-D RGB Image into a Gray-scale Image, at that point subtract the two pictures to obtain a 2-D black-and-white picture, filtering the noise picture elements using a median filter, detecting with a connected component mark digital pictures in the connected area and utilize the bounding box and its properties to calculate the metric for every marking area. In addition, the shade of the picture element is identified by examining the RGB value of every picture element present in the picture. Color Detection algorithm is executed utilizing the MATLAB  Picture handling Toolkit. The result of this implementation can be used in as a bit of security applications such as spy robots, object tracking, Color-based object isolation, and intrusion detection.


  • Keywords

    MATLAB, picture handling tool kit, shading location, RGB picture, picture division, picture separating, bounding box.

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