Encoding time optimization for intra-frame reconstruction schemes for H.264

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    The area of transmission compression is gaining a quick momentum by evolving with completely different varieties of compression protocols and coding method. However, majority of the prevailing communication devices still uses H.264 as a customary compression protocol. we tend to reviewed a number of the prevailing system touching on usage of H.264 in video compression to explore it doesn’t supply process effectiveness though it's going to supply higher reconstructed knowledge on the receiver finish. This paper introduces A distinctive optimisation mechanism to optimize the coding time by introducing a value perform formulation. The bestowed design runs over typical H.264 and supply worth additional advantage by creating it additional resource friendly. The rule made uses MPEG file as AN input that endure the method of optimisation of coding time used for coding I and P frame. The study outcome of the projected system is found to supply a much better reduction in coding time as compared to existing mechanism of Lagrangian price perform. As a contribution, our outcome shows a much better equilibrium between the info quality of reconstructed signal and therefore the coding time.



  • Keywords

    Video Coding; Intra-Frame Prediction; Multimedia Files; Encoder; H.264; Bit Stream; Encoding Time.

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