An Innovative Data-Driven Computational Model to Predict High Blood Pressure Based on AAA++

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    Every tissue of human body needs energy and oxygen for its livelihood. In order to supply energy and oxygen, the heart pumps the blood around the body. When heart pushes the blood against the walls of arteries, it creates some pressure inside the arteries, called as blood pressure. If this pressure is more than the certain level we treat it as high blood pressure (HBP). Nowadays HBP is a silent killer of many across the globe. So here we proposed a new data-driven computational model to predict HBP. Blood Pressure (BP) may be elevated because of many changes such as physical and emotional. In the proposed model we have considered AAA++ (age, anger level, anxiety level, obesity (+), blood cholesterol (+)), for experimental analysis. Our model initially calculates the correlation coefficient (CC) between each risk factor and class label attribute. Then based on the impact of each risk factor value and CC, it assigns the corresponding weight to it. Then proposed model uses risk factor value and its weight to predict whether person becomes a victim of HBP or not. We have used real-time data set for experimental analysis. It consists of 1000 records, which are collected from Doctor C, a Medical Diagnostic center, Hyderabad, India.


  • Keywords

    Blood Pressure, Blood Cholesterol, Hypertension, Age, Anxiety, Stress Anger, Obesity

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