Analysis of modern construction projects using montecarlo simulation technique

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    Today, Construction based Industry is the prospering industry which has a high economical influence on any nation. Delay in the huge construction project increases the total project cost. Henceforth, uncertainties as well as risks must be significantly regarded during the project. For organizing and completing the projects in a financially, timely and qualitatively accountable manner, careful scheduling of projects is compulsory. Effectual scheduling of project assures project success. This study concentrates on qualitative analysis, risk identification, together with quantitative analysis. The targets are i) to ascertain the key risk aspects that disturb the project schedule, and ii) to find the probability of finishing the project within specified time. Questionnaires are distributed amongst 20 industry practitioners with disparate experience from [1] to [25] years.  Quantitative analysis is made by the methods like Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) and PERT. @RISK by Palisade corp. is utilized for MCS.

  • Keywords

    Monte Carlo Simulation; PERT; Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis; Risk Identification

  • References

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DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i2.19.14535

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