A New Method for Forensic Detection of Image Manipulation

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    As the use of digital images has expanded, so has the methods and the motivating force to make advanced picture frauds. As needs be, there is an incredible requirement for advanced image legal sciences methods equipped for identifying image changes and manufactured images. We demonstrate that pixel value mappings desert factual follows which we might allude to as a mappings inherent unique finger impression in an image pixel value histogram. We at that point propose scientific techniques for recognizing general structures all around and privately connected complexity upgrade and in addition a strategy for distinguishing the utilization of histogram leveling via hunting down the recognizing highlights of every task intrinsic fingerprint. Also we propose a technique to identify the worldwide expansion of noise to a formerly JPEG - compacted image by watching that the key fingerprint of a particular planning will be adjusted on the off chance that it is connected to a image’s pixel value after the noise addition.



  • Keywords

    Pixel Value Histogram; Intrinsic Fingerprint; Pixel Value Mapping

  • References

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