A Survey on User Awareness of Cloud Security

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    The cloud computing technology provides cost effective, powerful computation resources on the fly. It minimizes the need to procure and maintain expensive hardware, software and reserve space for IT infrastructure. These features for cloud computing encourages organizations and individuals to migrate their resources needs and services to the cloud. However, cloud computing services provided by third-party vendors possesses various security threats. The cloud services store sensitive data (such as credentials, personal information, etc.) of various users on the shared environment that escalates security concerns. The  aim of this research survey paper are three-fold: i) provides guideline for researchers who are new to the cloud computing security area, ii) provides the state-of-the-art survey of cloud computing security issues and challenges, and iii) provides the further research directions required into security assurance of the cloud computing.



  • Keywords

    cloud; security; characteristics; attacks; counter measures; , challenges in cloud security, cloud computing, security

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