Intelligent Management System for Home Appliances A conceptual approach using Hardware Description Language

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    IoT (Internet of Things) is an emerging trend in the market and smart appliances are a subset of IoT. The IoT helps integrate digital and wireless technologies in home or kitchen appliances. Furthermore, M2M (Machine to Machine) communication is likely to create a key opportunity in the smart appliances market. Smart appliances are the next generation of home appliances that have the ability to receive, interpret, and act on a signal received from a user. This paper is a demonstration of designing a multipurpose remotely controlled system for electrical household appliances. The project simulation design is carried out by Hardware Description Language (HDL) programming.



  • Keywords

    Internet of Things(IoT); Machine to Machine (M2M; Hardware Description Language

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DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.7.16216

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